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Is the sales channel demanding more leads? Are you providing market development funds but they aren’t getting used or producing measurable results? Does your channel rarely market and when they do you wish they didn’t? So why not do something about it?

To break out of this paradigm you’ll need a blend of people, process, and technology. You’ll need a platform to collaborate with your channel partners on producing, sharing and qualifying leads. And like any other form of marketing automation you’ll want to measure what works and what doesn’t.

Through-Channel provides the technology platform you’ll need to collaborate with channel partners on producing, sharing and tracking leads, teaching marketing techniques and best practices, streamlining funds management, and providing incentives and rewards to encourage the right channel behaviors.

Most importantly the Through-Channel platform aggregates the data from all these activities so you can measure and continuously improve your Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) activities.



Channel partners aren’t marketers, so if you want to execute effective marketing automation you’re going to need to hold their hand.

Through-Channel’s TCMA platform enables brands to create and deliver effective multi-channel marketing campaigns to channel partners for local execution.

Lead Management


Pass the leads you create through direct marketing to channel partners. Track those leads and leads partners create using brand marketing programs.

Provide an easy and consistent method to channel partners for updating the status of leads being worked throughout the sales funnel.

Learning Management System


Channel partners are generally not marketers. You’ll need to develop their skills by teaching best practices.

Through-Channel provides the tools you’ll need to teach partners to effectively create awareness, generate demand, follow-up on opportunities and use all available marketing channels.

channel incentives


The two most powerful tools you have to change sales channel behavior are MDF and loyalty programs.

Pre-approve funding of the marketing programs with the best ROI. Award loyalty points for completing learning, achieving certifications, updating leads, and other value-add behaviors.

Measure Results

If the last decade of marketing has taught us anything it’s follow the data. TCMA is no different from other forms of marketing automation in this regard.

A new channel marketing technology is becoming available every day. You’ll need to measure what works and what doesn’t to stay ahead of the pack. To do this you’ll need to aggregate all marketing data into one platform.

Through-Channel’s TCMA platform provides a central location to aggregate channel marketing data and keep track of program performance and lead progress through the sales funnel.

Channel Management Should Be Collaborative and Data Driven


If you’re going to create a true omni-channel experience for your customers you’ll need your channel partners to participate. Through-Channel’s TCMA platform enables collaboration across a wide-array of marketing channels and is an excellent place to start.


Excellent Analytics

The Through-Channel platform provides the brand marketer key analytics. From program and campaign usage through ROI understand what works and what needs improvement.