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Increase Sales Channel Visibility

How do you know your channel partners have enough deals working to deliver your revenue number this month, quarter, or year? How well will they execute on those deals as they move through the sales pipeline? How much of their time is focused on your products or services?

To accurately forecast you need to understand the level of demand as it moves through the sales funnel and how focused and prepared the sales channel is to execute on that demand. Through-Channel’s platform increases your visibility to the level of readiness, demand and execution within your sales channel.

sales channel enablement


How well will your channel partners execute on a good opportunity? Do they know your solutions and sales best practices? Is your training really effective?

Through-Channel provides an online learning management system for delivering field training. The platform also tracks channel readiness levels and helps you understand program effectiveness.

through-channel marketing automation


The Through-Channel platform lets you pass leads to your channel partners and track those leads as they progress through the sales funnel.

The platform also lets your marketing team deliver turn-key demand generation programs to help partners create, work, and track leads.

More Leads = More Revenue

market development funds


Encourage channel partners to complete training, learn best practices, execute marketing and follow through on leads with market development funds and channel incentives.

Through-Channel helps you achieve channel loyalty while getting channel partners to focus on your brand and complete the activities that produce results.

sales channel insights


A channel management platform should not only help you create more leads but also improve the execution on those leads. To improve sales channel execution you need data.

Through-Channel provides the data you need to understand the level of demand, how well the channel is executing on that demand, and which sales channel tools are most effective in delivering revenue.

Arm channel partners and CAMs with the data
they need to improve performance

Channel Management Should Be Collaborative and Data Driven

Intuitive User Interface

Whether you’re a channel principal, sales person or a CAM you’ll have easy access to all the sales and marketing tools and data you need to improve performance in our intuitive branded solutions.

sales channel insights

Excellent Analytics

Get a holistic view of the state of channel readiness at any moment in time. Understand how channel rewards and incentives are driving activity down to the partner sales rep level. And much, much more…