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through-channel marketing automation

Through-Channel Marketing Automation – Engage Partners

A Collaborative Marketing Platform
Engage Partners – Control Brand Identity

Engage Partners in Demand Generation

Engaging partners in local channel demand generation can be challenging. Most channel partners have limited marketing skills and operate with very lean budgets. They want autonomy including the ability to do their own marketing and look skeptically at brands trying to do it for them.

Through-Channel’s Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform enables brand collaboration with local demand generation while addressing historic channel partner challenges. From managing co-op advertising and market development funds (MDF),  distributing channel leads, co-branding collaterals, through executing joint marketing campaigns Through-Channel marketing automation (TCMA) provides a platform to engage partners in true collaborative demand generation.

engage partners

Through-Channel’s Marketing Automation (TCMA) Platform Provides:

  • A Scalable global TCMA platform to support channel demand generation
  • Connects brands, agencies, channel partners and 3rd party fulfillment partners
  • Track leads through the stages of the channel marketing funnel
  • Engage partners in effective channel marketing campaigns
  • Know what channel programs and campaigns work and drive ROI
  • Maintain brand integrity while engaging channel partners in local demand generation
  • Maximize the use and return on brand marketing assets and content
Through-Channel Digital Asset Management

Salesforce Lead Distribution & Partner Activity Tracking

Do you need a systematic way to distribute leads to channel partners? Do you distribute leads to channel partners and wonder what happened?

If you use Salesforce Through-Channel can help:

Distribute Leads

Distribute leads from to channel partners and be sure they got them

channel sales funnel

Have channel partners status leads and update Salesforce as they move through the channel sales funnel

salesforce channel lead status

Log channel partner activities to as partners engage leads with brand marketing automation programs

channel lead nurturing

Encourage channel partners to follow-up and nurture leads with a seamless integration to brand marketing

channel marketing analytics

Review channel marketing analytics from where your channel account managers live



Co-branding is one of the first challenges channel partners create for brand marketing. Partners want co-branded collaterals that include their company name, logo, and contact information. They also want some co-branding latitude with imaging and messages to meet their local market needs.

Through-Channel’s Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform makes all your sales and marketing collaterals customizable by channel partners. Engage partners in co-branding marketing assets including adding their logo, contact information and even selecting pre-approved images and messages. Give channel partners options and let them determine what co-branding will work best in their local market. Control your brand image while making your infographics, white papers, case studies and other sales and marketing collaterals more attractive to channel partners through co-branding.

Use co-branding to engage partners and maintain brand integrity

Engage Partners in Local Marketing!
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Technology Industry COOP Advertising Case Study
Channel Marketing Infographic

Email & Direct Mail

Engage partners with the messages they need to stimulate local demand, nurture leads, and effectively communicate with their audience. Our Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform supports both email and direct mail marketing.

Channel partners can send one-off emails to all, or segments, of their prospects. Create multi-touch campaigns that execute over time. Brands control messaging and branding, while channel partners tailor messages for local markets and determine the right audience and timing.

Local Demand Generation

Integrated Channel Marketing Campaigns

Combine marketing tactics into integrated channel marketing campaigns. Common integrated channel marketing tactics include email, social posts, and landing pages. Promote brand marketing content to your channel partner’s database of contacts and social connections. Capture leads that click through to custom landing pages and distribute those leads back to partners.


Where appropriate marketing is integrated with CO-OP programs and an automated pre-approval is created.

Social Content Syndication

Through-Channel Marketing Automation supports Social Content Syndication. Automate the distribution and promotion of product and marketing content to your channel partner’s social connections. Know content is being used, collect leads, measure performance and get more from your content marketing efforts.

Through-Channel’s social content syndication solution enables brands to promotes videos, case studies, infographics, web pages and more using the channel partners’ social connections.  All channel partners need to do is subscribe and brand marketing handles the rest. Best of all, leads collected on Through-Channel landing pages go back to the channel partner that generated the interest.

channel Events

Channel Events

Complex channel events that include invitations, reminders, presentations, signage, giveaways, site logistics, and more become cumbersome to manage. Using Through-Channel Marketing Automation partners simply choose an event kit and indicate the date(s) and location they want it delivered. Through-Channel manages all coordination and fulfillment of the marketing event.

Channel event kits can include signage, supporting collaterals, and branded items. Best of all ordering an event follows the same basic workflow as all other marketing tactics.

channel segments

Channel List Management

Channel partners can upload lists into the TCMA platform and rest assured that they won’t be co-mingled with corporate or the leads of other channel partners.

Channel partners can manipulate lists through appending, segmenting and merging giving them the flexibility to leverage lists to create local demand using the TCMA platform.

through-channel marketing automation analytics

Through-Channel Marketing Analytics

What marketing do channel partners really use, how do they co-brand it, and what drives ROI? These are just a few of the questions you’ll be able to answer with Through-Channel’s marketing automation analytics.

Move beyond clicks and opens and get to the real data that drives channel marketing optimization.

And More…

Through-Channel was the first to offer a TCMA platform and offers the broadest support of marketing tactics. We’ve automated channel marketing tactics from TV and radio through door hangers and lawn signs. If your channel uses a marketing tactic we’ve likely automated it.

Through-Channel has also automated integration of third party fulfillment. Through our TCMA administrative interface brand marketers  can integrate corporate approved fulfillment vendors. Brands can also enable channel partners to integrate local vendors for fulfillment. If you don’t have fulfillment vendors, brands and partners can leverage Through-Channel’s vendors and preferred pricing.

Through-Channel offers the most comprehensive Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform at a highly affordable monthly fee.

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