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cooperative advertising

Cooperative Advertising Professional Services

Guideline Development, Claims Support, Payment Processing, and more…

Cooperative Advertising Program Support

To ensure co-op programs operate efficiently and consistently, many sales and marketing organizations lean on their vendors for support. Through-Channel provides cooperative advertising professional services to assist brands how, when and where they deem necessary. Whether you want the freedom of self-service system or full service support, we’re here to assist.

cooperative advertising professional services

Cooperative Advertising Guideline Development

Cooperative advertising program guidelines are the foundation of a good co-op funds program. It’s very difficult for a cooperative advertising program to overcome poorly written guidelines, so creating a solid initial document and refining it each funding cycle is imperative. Your co-op funds guidelines should include:

  • Eligible Products
  • Eligible Marketing Tactics
  • Reimbursement percentages
  • Processes for submitting Pre-Approvals and Claims
  • Timing expectations and deadlines
  • Support information
cooperative advertising programs

Cooperative Advertising Site Configuration

Setting up a cooperative advertising program is a collaboration between brand and vendor. Like your corporate website you’ll want your co-op funds system to reflect your brand. This will include adding your logo, colors, fonts, and images. The end result will be a truly branded experience for your partners.

Beyond branding, you’ll also need to setup users, organization hierarchies, rules and workflows. This includes planning and writing all of the notifications needed to keep people informed as business processes unfold. Through-Channel will not only help you plan and set up your cooperative advertising portal, but we’ll also bring best practice expertise to ensure an optimum solution.

cooperative advertising site configuration

Ongoing Co-op Funds Administration

One of the consistent complaints prospects voice about competitive systems is the time it takes to implement changes. This is why Through-Channel has developed a comprehensive co-op funds administrative interface. Whether you choose to make changes yourself or leverage a Through-Channel Program Manager is completely up to you.

We recognize when it comes to making sensitive changes to areas like co-op funds structures or even loading new co-op funds, customers often want Through-Channel to manage it. On the other hand, many customers choose to maintain their own product categories and sub-categories, update email notifications, and do user administration themselves. With Through-Channel you can choose the level of involvement in site administrative functions that best fits your organization’s skills and needs.

Co-op Funds Pre-approvals & Claims Support

Reviewing and auditing co-op funds pre-approvals and claims can be time consuming and is often viewed as a non-core activity by sales and marketing organizations. Through-Channel maintains a staff of claims professionals to review and audit some or all of your cooperative advertising pre-approvals and claims.

Whenever one company transfers money to another it is important transactions adhere to corporate guidelines, and oversight is frequently required and usually prudent. Through-Channel can act as that third party providing cooperative advertising auditing services for both co-op funds Pre-Approvals and Claims. Whether we audit all or a sample of your PAs and Claims, we’ll ensure your cooperative advertising program policies are adhered to, you achieve compliance and meet your cycle time metrics.


Reviewing and auditing co-op funds pre-approvals and claims can be time consuming and is often viewed as a non-core activity by sales and marketing organizations.

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Co-op Funds Payment And Remittance Services

Through-Channel offers co-op funds payment and remittance processing services. Our payment & remittance services eliminate manual processing, reduce the risk of errors, provide “pre-reconciled” download files for auto-posting, and expose missing items up front.

With Through-Channel you can:

co-op bank accountMaintain your own bank account, or use ours

co-op payment methodsPay by ACH, check, wire, bank draft, or credit memo

co-op 1099 administrationFull service 1099 management for 3rd parties

co-op funds paymentsAccurately post payments to accounting

co-op funds payment informationSingle point of reference for payment info

co-op funds currency supportPay in US dollars or in local currencies

Prompt reimbursement of co-op funds transactions are vital to partner satisfaction. Through-Channel currently processes over a billion dollars in co-op reimbursements annually and is a premier provider of these services.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk allows sales and marketing professionals to focus on their jobs. Our support representatives are a natural extension of your team. Through email, online and phone, our Help Desk offers an unparalleled user experience because our support representatives care about your partners as much as you do.

Through-Channel provides you with personalized phone numbers and email addresses that are answered as your brand for a seamless interaction with your business partners. We also have an online ticket tracking system which provides real-time insight into problem resolution activity.

Help Desk is available for an attractive fixed monthly fee that’s less than running it yourself. You get a superior partner experience, training and quality which increases partner engagement, utilization and loyalty.

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