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CO-OP Management for CO-OP Programs

Funds Control Center to Simplify CO-OP Management and Achieve Program Success.

Time to Update Your CO-OP Management?

Does your co-op management system look tired and well past its prime? Can’t bear to look at that horrible user interface every day? Do administrative tasks seem like an excessive burden, taking far too long to change anything? Are you feeling like your vendor has gotten complacent and you lack transparency? Is passing a compliance audit a nightmare?

If any of these sound like they describe your co-op system, you’ve landed in the right place. Through-Channel offers a fresh approach to MDF and co-op management. Our intuitive user interface makes day to day activities easy, and our administrative system puts brands in control.

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CO-OP Program Fund Set Up

Setting up co-op programs and allocating funds to partners has never been easier. Through-Channel supports multiple funds and multiple fund allocation methods. For example, effortlessly set up funds using both MDF and co-op methods of allocation to support established and emerging partners.

Allocate co-op funds directly to partner accounts or disburse them to field personnel to distribute among channel partners at their discretion. Pre-load fund balances and update them daily, weekly or monthly. Naturally, make adjustments as necessary within or between co-op funds.

It’s all administered from one intuitive co-op management user interface.

Manage Organization Hierarchies & Rules

Set up hierarchies for approving co-op funds based on your organization and rules. Build workflows based on region or activity type. Establish escalation policies based on activities or funding amounts and add approvals where needed to move processes to the next step. Build processes that ensure compliance with corporate regulations.

Automate notifications at every step of the workflow to ensure channel partners and internal personnel remain update on all work-in-process.

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CO-OP Pre-Approvals & Claims

Have channel partners submit requests for co-op funds prior to conducting marketing activities. This allows you to ensure activities meet co-op program guidelines before channel partners are out-of-pocket the expense. Pre-Approvals streamline the claim and reimbursement process on the backend, so channel partners get paid faster. CO-OP program pre-approvals can also be integrated with Through-Channel’s marketing automation platform.

Loading proof-of-performance information and submitting co-op claims is effortless. Claim auditors can easily review submitted documentation and approve, reject, or request more information. Through-Channel can process all your claims for you and we also provide third-party auditing services to ensure all claims meet co-op program and corporate guidelines prior to reimbursement.

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Channel Partner Reimbursements

Through-Channel offers payment and remittance processing services. Our payment & remittance services eliminate manual processing, reduce the risk of errors, provide “pre-reconciled” download files for auto-posting, and expose missing items up front.

With Through-Channel co-op management you can:

  • Maintain your own bank account
  • Pay by ACH, check, wire, bank draft, or credit memo
  • Pay in local currencies
  • Accurately post payments to your accounting system
  • Maintain a single point of reference for payment information
  • Get full service 1099 administration
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Prompt reimbursement of co-op transactions is vital to partner satisfaction. Through-Channel currently processes over a billion dollars in channel partner reimbursements annually through our co-op management platform.

CO-OP Management Reporting

The Through-Channel co-op management platform provides extensive reporting. Channel partners will know the status of co-op ad pre-approvals and claims right from our home page. Our account overview enables channel partners to quickly see the total co-op funds available, funds committed and even a projection of future co-op funds.

Marketing managers are alerted on the home page when co-op pre-approvals and claims are awaiting processing with a direct link to those claims. They can also see how co-op funds are being used by marketing tactic, product, channel partner, and geography. Channel managers can quickly check the status of channel partner marketing activities, pre-approvals and claims before engaging them in a conversation.


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Through-Channel’s co-op management reporting offers everything you’ll need to manage your co-op programs.

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Self or Full Service – You Decide

Every Through-Channel customer is assigned a Program Manager that will know your funding program intimately. How much help you want developing co-op program guidelines, setting up new funds, workflows or rules, doing site administration, auditing pre-approvals and/or claims, managing reimbursements and payments is really up to you.

Through-Channel provides a full array of co-op advertising professional services to support you. You can go completely self-service, have Through-Channel handle the entire co-op program administration, or some blend of the two. It’s really up to you and what’s best for your company.

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