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Channel Incentive Programs

Reward Points Programs
Build Lasting Channel Loyalty!

Channel Loyalty = Channel Revenue.

Stimulate channel sales and increase channel loyalty with reward points. Non-monetary channel incentives are a proven method for creating a lasting positive brand impression. Checking on loyalty reward points and browsing catalogs creates daily engagement and keeps your brand top-of-mind with channel sales.

Offering rebates or discounts every time a channel partner makes a sale can be cumbersome, plus most monetary rewards don’t reach actual channel sales people. Reward points programs are addictive and drive deeper engagement with brands.

Reward Points

Reward Points Programs
Produce Channel Revenue

A Unique Rewards Experience

Use your own logo, color scheme, fonts and images. Channel partners get the brand experience you want including the latest partner news and communications, and up-to-date information on loyalty reward points earned. With Through-Channel the brand experience extends through all communications sent from reward points programs.

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Channel Reward Points Programs
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Channel Incentives

Customizable Channel Incentive Catalogs

Through-Channel’s reward options are virtually unlimited and can include a combination of merchandise, branded items, gift cards, debit cards and travel. Our team will work with your brand to customize reward catalogs to meet unique brand needs maximizing the value and impact of your channel incentive programs.

Customize high-end channel incentives for high point earning sales partners. Whether it’s a car, special trip, or even taking a lap on a NASCAR track. If your channel partners desire it, we’ll find a way to make it part of your channel incentives programs. With Through-Channel, incentive options really are unlimited.

Make Channel Incentives Memorable

Channel incentives are virtually unlimited and can include a combination of merchandise, branded items, gift cards, debit cards and travel.

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Data Integrations

Feed us data from your POS, CRM, and/or ERP systems and we’ll calculate channel rewards points that conform to your program rules. Data can be passed through SSO, APIs or file exchange, whatever makes most sense for your brand.

Channel Rewards Program Points Calculator

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Loyalty Points Calculator

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Channel Tiers & Segmentation

Deliver a unique experience to each channel segment by offering different channel incentive catalogs and reward points programs tailored to their special needs. For example, offer top channel tiers VIP incentives to increase the value of achieving a tier.

Business Rules

Our flexible business rules engine enables brands to manage the channel partner experience from how loyalty points are calculated, when they expire, how channel promotions and bonuses are applied, through what items channel partner segments see in various catalogs.

Achieve Channel Partner Loyalty

With Channel Reward Points Programs That Work!


Contests & Promotions

Run special promotions to create competition, drive activity, or to encourage deeper engagement with your channel reward points programs.


Use gamification to stand-out and more deeply engage channel sales with your brand and loyalty programs. Offer badges for certain achievements, show participants progress bars, and even offer features like spin-to-win during a limited time to drive activity and channel engagement.

Run special promotions to create competition, drive activity, or encourage deeper engagement with your channel loyalty points programs.

Communication Management

Through-Channel’s loyalty points platform includes a complete notification system and all messages can be tailored to your specific brand needs. Create custom messages to encourage channel partner engagement.

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Loyalty Points Program Analytics

Understand the level of channel partner engagement, which channel incentives are most attractive, and what programs are truly moving the needle. View dashboards at the sales person, partner, CAM, and brand levels to drive engagement at all levels with your channel loyalty points program.

Channel Loyalty Points Program Analytics
Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to create a unified experience with other channel systems for partners. SSO saves your organization implementation time and money while significantly increasing the security of your channel reward points programs. You can also use SSO to pass up-to-the-minute information about channel partner status to the loyalty points platform.

Channel Loyalty Program Support

Our program management team will work with you to design and implement your channel loyalty points program. From there you decide how much support you need.

We offer full-service models where we do everything to self-service where you grab the ball and run with it. How much we’re involved is really up to you. Our goal is to minimize friction and maximize value.

Channel Loyalty Program Support

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