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INSIGHTS EXP / Channel Insights drive effective channel management

What channel insights do you really need? When faced with this question most sales and marketing professionals want enough information to accurately forecast. To produce better forecasts they need more information than what channel partners or internal systems provide today.

Better forecasting requires channel insights into the brand’s complete sales funnel from top to bottom. What is the level of brand awareness in local key markets? How many leads are being worked in the channel? What are the channel’s conversion rates at each stage of the sales funnel? Is there enough happening to make sales goals this month, quarter or year?

What if there was one platform that could not only provide these channel insights, but also help you do something about areas of weakness?


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According to Cypress Consulting Study, January 2015



Improve sales channel forecasting by getting a better understanding of the complete sales funnel.


Sales and Marketing want to better understand how channel funds and incentives impact channel sales results.



Allocate and use funds and channel management staff more effectively by better understanding cause and effect.


Through-Channel’s platform is designed to take a holistic view towards brand and channel partner collaboration. Using branded portals all collaboration is consolidated into one easy to manage location. From enablement, communication, demand generation, lead and funds management through channel incentive management the platform handles all key brand/partner interactions.

More importantly all the data produced through these activities is collected by the platform. This enables Through-Channel to provide a rich array of channel insights. The system can provide real-time views of channel-readiness, local awareness, channel demand, fund usage and cycle times, program performance and ROI.

The rich set of channel insights provided by Through-Channel gives an overall understanding to channel activity and provides the foundation for effective channel forecasting.



Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Use channel insights to better understand demand by seeing the number of leads passed to each partner and the leads created through marketing campaigns.

Channel Focus

Channel Focus

Use incentives to focus channel partners and monitor in real–time reward achievement all the way down to the individual sales person.

Funds Utilization

Funds Utilization

See the current level of fund utilization, where funds are being utilized and on what programs, and claim reimbursement cycle times.

Channel Readiness

Channel Readiness

Track training and certifications and know how prepared your channel is to execute and how effective your training programs are at changing channel results.

Program Effectiveness

Program Effectiveness

Use analytics to understand which channel programs are working, at what level, and their ROI so you can focus funding on working programs and adapt as necessary.

Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization

Better utilize all of your channel resources from programs to funds to channel managers by using the data to drive channel management.

Measure all areas of the channel sales funnel to improve forecasting and channel management

Channel Insights

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