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Rewards EXP / Gain partner focus – and move the revenue needle

Channel incentives and channel loyalty are often terms used synonymously. Channel incentives are an effective tool for building loyalty, but if properly used they can influence much more. Channel incentives can drive the behaviors that ultimately build a sales funnel, ensure channel execution and drive the consistent flow of revenue.

Channel incentives enable brands to encourage a channel partner to learn best practices, execute marketing programs, or follow-up on leads. They can also be used to reward channel partners for achieving certifications, local awareness, generating leads, or simply for nudging a customer in your direction.

Channel incentives are one of the most valuable tools in a brand’s channel management arsenal.


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Agree the opportunity to earn rewards and incentives from brands strengthens their ongoing relationship with them.


Incentive programs have a high influence on a channel partner’s willingness and energy to sell a brand’s products.



Channel sales representatives say rewards and incentives are extremely important to their job satisfaction.

Rewards & Incentives

A well designed channel incentive program is founded in two key thoughts. First, it takes many coordinated activities to build a sales funnel and sustain it. Second, if you can measure it, you can encourage and reward it.

The percentage a channel partner earns on a deal is just one incentive available to drive channel behavior. Channel incentive programs blend cash and non-cash rewards to drive all the activities necessary to sustain a healthy channel environment.

Channel incentives can be used to encourage channel partners to build local brand awareness, produce leads, follow-up and qualify those leads, and apply best practices across all facets of the sales funnel.

Through-Channel’s platform engages channel partners in all areas of channel management from enablement through demand generation and sales execution. Through-Channel Insights combined with Channel Incentives enables brands to engage and reward channel partners on all activities that drive sales channel success.


Brand Promotions

Brand Promotions

Create flexible brand promotions to increase participation.

KPI Management

KPI Management

Define your KPI to measure ROI.


Engaging Communications

Communicate with participants to maintain momentum.

Points Management

Points Management

Aggregate points from multiple simultaneous programs to alleviate administrative burden.

Rewards Catalog

Online Rewards Catalog

Promote redemption through an online catalog of branded items and merchandise to create loyalty.



Gain insight into program performance to enhance ROI.

If you can measure it – you can incent and reward it!

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